The Music


Monkey Love has spared no resource to make the sound experience unforgettable. We are honored to have Behrouz as our musical director, and you can expect nothing but quality music coming from our speakers with him at the helm. We are working hard to create a diverse, and rich sound experience for the entire Burning Man community to enjoy.

Our primary sound system, solely dedicated to the sound camp, is none other than Funktion-One. Monkey Love has been given the unique opportunity to showcase the latest model of this exquisite equipment. To ensure our entire sound experience performs at its best it will be supported by leading sound engineers in the industry.

Additionally, we have equipped the dining area with a system of its own to transmit the sound throughout our camp and never miss a beat. We are beyond excited to share this all with you! With carefully curated music and attention to every detail, you won’t just be coming back for more… You’ll likely just stay!

The Art


We want to make Monkey Love a destination on the map. A place you go to experience not just our amazing music, but also beautiful art installations, interactive art walls, dance performances, and a jungle gym like environment. With giant LED trees to climb on, and comfortable inviting lounges and shade structures we are hoping to create a place not one burner would want to miss.

Our main structures are our Monkey trees. One of the trees will serve as the DJboot/stage, giving our crowds a beautiful art piece to gaze at during our performances. Our second tree is for our community to fully enjoy, with a top deck at 12′ high its a perfect place to climb and enjoy the desert views. For our dance-floor we have created two large container lounge areas, with comfortable places to rest wile you enjoy your stay. Lastly our camp entrance will be a big open heart archway welcoming everyone to join us with tons of love.

On the edge of our camp we will transform two 40′ containers into 100% interactive art walls. One container will serve as a collective art wall where we will host a Monkey Lisa painting workshop. Inside the second 40′ container we will set up a photo-booth where we will be capturing “The Faces of Love” a project to capture portraits of the burning man community to then paste and cover one whole side of the 40′ container showcasing our loving community.

The Infrastructure


The Elephant Project


We are proud to say that some of our camp members are also bringing “Elephant Project” to Burning Man 2016. They will send hundreds of fabricated elephant figures to kids in schools around the world. The children will then be asked to decorate the elephant as a self-portrait; a depiction of their inner truth, not as a reflection of their outward aesthetic. Taking this concept from a fixed object to the more dynamic medium of video, a small group of children will be hand selected to create videos expressing what Radical Self Expression means to them.

We invite you to get involved”:
In our efforts to spread the Principles of Burningman, specifically Radical Self Expression. We are  bringing 10,000 vinyl 6 inch toy elephants to the playa. Find them at one of Da Vinci’s Workshops under the man! Here we’re setting up workstations for those of you who really want to get creative during that week at Burning Man. Our goal here is to get YOU involved in Burning Man and become immersed in the culture…and the art. We’ll have the elephants and art supplies ready for all who want to join in. All you have to do is bring your creative side.  This week we will all come together for the good of ART and the COMMUNITY that is BURNING MAN!  Feel free to embrace Gifting, and find a friend that would appreciate your creative expression.

For more information or to participate in this project please reach out to Scott Londonand and Jill Woodle